Sunday, 5 October 2014

Montreal Fashion Moves On

As the months continue to pass, it is increasingly unavoidable to not mention the almost melancholic mood within the air surrounding the state of fashion within Montreal. This being said, this is not to state that everything is at a stalemate, but the center nucleus that once existed, is all but obliterated.

The organization of events surrounding the presentation of collections has completely changed from semi-annual gatherings on a large scale format, to now become two events orchestrated separately occurring only once each year on a more intimate set up. With much legwork ahead of them in their journeys to redefine the promotion of the hard work local designers create, questions still remain as to a clear answer in reversing the decline pattern.

Fashion Preview enters it's second edition under the careful direction of Lolli Communications founder Emanuela Lolli, a woman who instead of sitting at her desk and handling the issues bureaucratically, can be seen personally discussing with the designers to come up with a solution. Fashion Preview will happen this week in the galleries of the Old Port's Centre Phi, hosting a new mix for the SS15 presentations. Over a two day span, veterans Philippe Dubuc and Denis Gagnon will respectively open and close the event which welcomes not-so-newcomers Brit Wacher, Marie-Eve Lecavalier, and Leinad Beaudet with returning favorites Pedram Karimi, Elisa C-Rossow, and D-Moment discovery KQK. 


Meanwhile, in the following week D-Moment will be operating it's sophomore season as it represents the more underground cast under the direction of founders Nancy Richard and Genevieve Allaire. Over two nights, expect a mix of different aesthetics as names like V-FRANZ and Anomal Couture (with Miss Cocotte) lineup the runway at Fullum Studios with Oscar Mendoza, Matu, Impair, and Andrea Montle as they launch their visions for SS15. If last year result rings true again, some hidden gems are sure to be found. 


Is October the new fashion month in Montreal? And can these two showcases quicken the pace enough to stay running in the years to come? Only time can tell, until then I wish them both a successful turnout.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Business Ethics | de la COMMUNE


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take part in my first menswear collaboration. This wasn't some "endorse our brand" scheme, but a unique way to support a Montreal based initiative that really provides for quality made products in the menswear sector. 

Two guys, Reese and Daniel have founded de la COMMUNE, a premium quality lifestyle brand for the man who knows and expects ethically made products that fit into his daily routine. In order to fully put this plan into action, de la COMMUNE has partnered with to help fund the first steps in making this idea to reality. 

The short and sweet of it, raise $22.000 by the end of October which is not so hard because $12,000 has already been pledged. The downside; without the full $22.000 they go back to square one and no one gets to experience what all their hard work has been for. 

Here is what we're starting with...

The good thing, all these are produced here in North America! Quality, Comfort, and Ethical practices all in one!

Now what did I have to do in this? Well, I was selected to help bring a little social buzz to the whole shebang with a small photoshoot alongside other local style influencers. Taking pictures all along the De la Commune street in Montreal's Old Port, we brought a bit of sass to the DLC movement. (Ironically those are my initials too)

Can you tell I was a little chilled at 10AM? That didn't stop me from working with a great team, and they even got me a coffee, that's how to win me over! PS: The T-Shirt is the softest I own.

If you want to know more, and of course pledge to the de la COMMUNE-ITY, 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fashion Week Relevance

The state of the fashion industry is forever changing, this idea is not a secret that we gossip about in the cocktail lounge, but a reality that every designer must now think about while they create a new collection each season. The sad reality is that labels, magazines and respective stores have absolutely no clue how to find the right recipe to succeed in the fashion scene today with the amount of influence coming from each direction imaginable. 

Spring/Summer 2015 has hit a stone wall if you ask me so far, New York Fashion Week has been split by competition with Milk Made Studios, which have featured the more emerging (and maybe most interesting) designers that have fresher takes on what is the new demand. With the increase of attendees for MBFW, not including the number of individuals watching the runway from the comfort of their computer screens, the resulting collections left much to be desired. It must be said that Spring/Summer is the least inventive of the semi-annual collections, but if anyone was looking to spend cold hard cash on an entire collection, you might as well hold on to last year's purchases.

The key word that many designers forgot this time around was relevance. With the intense competition coming from global positioned conglomerates (hence the news of Jean-Paul Gaultier's end of RTW), and the copies being streamed by fast-fashion manufacturers, if your collection breathes no new life into the future, you are as good as dead and I hope you have a good financial backer. However, in spite of the deja-vu many names associated with classic staples took to making this season a time for reminding consumers that they are not one trick ponies.

The name that many are still talking about is Ralph Lauren, who made good use of both his Polo and namesake collection lines to offer a new perspective on a label known for sportswear and everything from shirting to bedroom linens. The 4-D holographic runway show staged by Polo on the Central Park fountain was a stroke of modern genius typically suited for a higher end brand in Europe, therefore sparking a new life in a quintessential NYC brand. As for it's higher end sister, the season's biggest trend in my opinion will come from the "American Romance" looks of combining long sleeve blouses with maxi length skirts that were prominent towards the end of the show.

Relevance is also injecting perspective, and listening to the beat of street influence, which was key to a standout Coach SS15 season. Stuart Vevers' second collection was colorful and full of character (pun intended). Fun fur, cartoon images, and animal print helped relieve the boring vibe that plagued Coach for the past few years, pinning the brand as one of those "mall stores" no more. Luckily with the new direction and repositioning strategy, there may be a chance for new life to come.

Coach SS15

View the 4D  SS15 Polo Ralph Lauren Womenswear Below

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Gloves Off | Alexander Wang for H&M

Collaboration, seems like the word I'd have thought Anna Wintour would have used instead of "Journey" in her 70+ question rapid-fire on Vogue's website. I am definitely not against the idea of creative geniuses combing together, but every time I open the internet, the announcement of a new project seems dulled everyone is talking about it at once.

Let me add some gas to the fire surrounding the Alexander Wang and H&M collection to be launched November 6th, Wang being the youngest to partner with the Swedish giant for the worldwide capsule project is also the most talked about in terms of street fashion culture. Whether innovating the concept of fashion-sport with his own line, or reinventing the codes at Balenciaga, Wang was a strategic name to add to the H&M roster in a time where normcore (elevated classic pieces) are the go-to in style selection.

By now in mid-September pieces are being leaked out by large publishers and highly respected online outlets in editorials, but no official lookbook has been seen in it's entirety. Since the entire collection is still an enigma (minus the Rihanna NYFW blip) the images that have sufaced give us a good amout of foreshadowing to get our minds wandering.

This first set has been said to be looks from the actual H&M lookbook. Judging by the first two, this may be the first collection from the series of designer partnerships that wont have us freezing by the time November. Weather aside, the sandals are calling my name. 

Hats, Bags. Gloves if you look not so closely you can really get a hint at the logomania trend throughout, which may be hinting at some trends for the coming seasons (think: Louis Vuitton Celebrating Monogram Project.) Personally, I will be looking for the sans-name pieces for myself. 

GQ UK posted a full editorial on the Men's collection, shedding light on accessories like boxing gloves and sunglasses printed clearly with "WANG" along a minimal concrete landscape. Up until this point the focus leans heavily on a more masculine aesthetic which is always present at AW who has never been overtly feminine in design until the recent SS15 Collection at NYFW

ELLE Magazine has also joined the sources hinting to the upcoming release of AW X HM, sharing the feminine (or somewhat) looks like the dress and wide legged pants along with the designer himself. Not having bought the newest edition yet, there are probably more looks within the pages. 

As the days get nearer, its obvious that the stream of sneak-peaks will invade in swarms. Until then, I'll decide the pros and cons of facing the crowds at the unveiling, if the T by Alexander Wang "Secret Sale" shock video rings true, gird your loins.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Black and Bloom

The trees may be on the verge of calling a quits, but one thing that keeps blooming is that good old D-CONSTRUCT sense of style. I must admit that for a blogger (If I still call myself one), I am a HUGE repeat offender. As the site continues, and those few style posts seep out, I realized how much I like to wear the same stuff. My justification relies on the deconstructed mantra I have built over the past three years, buy basics you love and update sparingly. 

Currently my closet is going through a major rebirth, when I was starting out in Montreal I had this phase where the Salvation Army was my haven, and now I find myself needing to give away the same shirts that were once someone else's. I am not discouraging the art of the thrift, but I think I had a serious addiction with the amount that has refilled my plastic bags, at least my really classic plaid blazer and trench coat survived the cleanse. 

By this paragraph you're probably thinking "Dom, what are you blabbing about?" but I have a point, I promise. As style conscious individuals, we symbolize the flower, blooming at periodic intervals, these are moments where our personal style has achieved an evolution. The key to keeping in-sync with your inner self is to take the change in steps. Today, I get the occasional nostalgic topic of "remember when you used to wear xyz?" as I traded my slacks and loafers for cargo pants and Doc Martens, a big change that took three years to achieve. 

Moral of the story remains: bloom quietly and gradually until you find the place your style peaks. Keep the good pieces along the way, and reuse them along with your new experimentations, take it from a stylist, the only worse thing than being safe, is looking lost.

PHOTOS: Sarah Monaco of I Bleed Fashion
Pants: Zanerobe

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A.S 98 Fall 2014

If you really have been following D-CONSTRUCT since day one, you know by now that I have a penchant for all things that evoke a certain flair for edgy and talk-about eccentricity.When I first changed my personal style I had that "thrift shop" mentality, causing me maybe to look more like a retirement home resident, rather than a Dapper Dan like my contemporaries.

Today, the word edgy has become so generalized that it barely becomes recognizable. My own version refers to adding urban appeal to a classic piece or ensemble, like a leather perfecto paired with a crisp white shirt and jeans.

Every fashion sector of the world has a signature for what they believe is "edgy", take for example Italian fashion house A.S 98 with whom I had the pleasure of witnessing their Canadian launch earlier this season. Leather houses have a long history with being considered champions of the most empowering material in outerwear. Leather, especially in footwear has to be of highest quality, and with the clientele of today, the finish on a piece of cowhide mast be noteworthy.

A.S 98 follows the Italian trade mark for color in footwear, because have you ever seen someone in Italy without at least one jaw-dropping piece of apparel in a striking hue? Personally I am a sucker for a shoe with buckles and straps, and the styles have the ability to contain so much design without making a massive foot shape. Designer Frank Prenntzell successfully churns out international flair without the gimmicks, and this is only shoes, the list of accessories for men and women have the same style lines a shown, even celebrities like Johnny Depp have been known to wear them (hello, name drop). Cargos, Jeans, or plain white tee, A.S 98 is not only synonymous with our deconstructed way of life, but it can definitley teach us how to create our own definition of edge,

A.S 98 // FALL 2014


Monday, 1 September 2014

Temperature Change

September first is a date that comes with more importance than most of it's 364 colleagues. This is a holiday with less notoriety than Christmas and Easter, but subconsciously when we hear the words "Labor Day" we know the year has officially made a descent towards the end.

Locally, we have no clue what to wear anymore. The concept of giving up on a summer we never really had haunts us. Retail was hit hard in turn, sales started early because as we know, you can't stop the delivery calendar. But now we prepare ourselves for change,  "Sweater Weather" ushers in the Back-to-School mood, and not to mention those Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Change is good however, I personally have accepted a full-time spot at the place I've been with for the past year, I have published my first printed interview and will be planning a second before the winter holidays, and lastly I said goodbye to a dear friend who moved to Paris for her studies. You win and you lose some.

Speaking style-wise because I don't plan to bore you with my philosophy all the time (just most of it), I do have a large portion of my heart set on knitwear. The best pieces I own are pullovers, and cardigans because of their versatility, and overall usage with anything in my closet.

Have you been eyeing a new pair of black jeans, wear it with a sweater. What contrasts best with a nice heel? A new knit. My newest discovery is featured in today's post from local Montreal boutique: Three Monkeys. Usually I am not one for clothing with too much writing, but the comfort and texture of my BWGH "Brooklyn Parle Francais" pullover merited no second guesses.

SWEATER: BWGH at Three Monkeys
PHOTOS: Sarah Monaco of I Bleed Fashion

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