Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hello Major Tom | Pedram Karimi AH2013

Photo Courtesy of Tristan Harris Photography. 
Fearless Fashionista,

It has come to my attention that as fashionable beings ourselves, we at some point inherit a magpie syndrome. As the first day began, side effects were mild including the all too noteworthy flock of avant-garde  outfits from spectators that went from pantless chic to fur and opulence. The night was still too young to count when all of a sudden the stars aligned...

Ready for take-off into the celestial heavens of fashion stardom, Pedram Karimi readied his troops for an unmistakably memorable show. Runway tile turned to moon rocks as mile-high models walking on platformed creepers took stride. Juxtaposition of silhouettes was blandly evident as XXL coats, capes, and shirts were paired with either sporty shorts, or liquefied leggings. Transitioning in color thematic varied from achromatic black and white alternations, being broken up by flares of eye opening mint and spacesuit silver that defied gravity when draped over bodies. 

The lasting effect of the Pedram Karimi presentation was as if the air had been taken from the atmosphere, a collection that was concise with a clear point-of-view. As the last model rounded the corner to exit stage, the was no question that the young designer's name was written in the sky, but here on earth the crowd was eating out of the palm of his hands.

Stay Fearless, Fashionista

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